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Big Friendly Masks in 4 cotton layers with filter pocket and metal nose support designed to keep airtight while you are on-the-go.


(Check out Groovy Guys closely and you might see an mod-60s David Bowie look-alike)

Big friendly masks are designed to fit most faces comfortably and worry-free! Thank you, friends, for all your support! Over 400 sold and another 100 donated as of July 1, 2020!

After testing 8 popular mask patterns, I customized the generic "deaconess" surgical-style pattern

Key features:

* 4 layers of quilter's cotton - tight weave fabric to better filter

* large chin to nose: expands to wrap over nose and under chin

* metal nose support: soft, pliable, durable metal wire lets you customize the shape around your nose to prevent gaps & fog

* wide side to side: wider cut brings fabric closer to ears

* fun fabric: variety is the spice of life and folks looking to share personality are in luck

* filter pocket: wide and deep filter pocket to accommodate the filter you feel safest using

* stretchy ties: soft tee-shirt like material long enough to wrap fully around your head is adjustable with enough stretch to pull off instead of untie if you choose

* no ear fatigue: with full-head ties you don't have to feel your ears pulling the wrong direction

* large size: I can't say it enough! I specifically make large masks so you can go to work, run errands, walk the dog, play with the kids, whatever it is you need to do, without worrying that the mask will gap or slip when you talk, smile, chase, or really anything.

I tested 8 of the most popular mask patterns circulating and found the deep pleated rectangle with ties is the most universally secure. I can make the other styles, but I found air leaks were common, wasn't able to talk safely or was muffled by the mask, had my nose smashed flat, or generally felt uncomfortable due to elastic bands being too tight or too loose. Not to trash designs or efforts of others - all masks are valid when a pandemic is on - we all have different needs - and staying in quarantine is the only 100% safe route

6/30/2020 "Well-fitted homemade masks with multiple layers of quilting fabric, and off-the-shelf cone style masks, proved to be the most effective in reducing droplet dispersal. These masks were able to curtail the speed and range of the respiratory jets significantly, albeit with some leakage through the mask material and from small gaps along the edges. Importantly, uncovered emulated coughs were able to travel notably farther than the currently recommended 6-ft distancing guideline. "

Blue shop rags (problematic due to potential contaminants), tee shirts, vintage fabric & bandannas are not proven to provide as much protection as 2 layers of tightly woven cotton ---used fabric especially is not recommended--- I'm offering 4 layers of new tight-woven quilters cotton plus a filter pocket so you can add whatever you like. Designed to provide full coverage for various face shapes and potentially large enough to cover an N95 if you have it.

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Big Friendly masks. Big friendly masks provide safe support and comfort. 4-layer cotton masks with filter pocket and metal nose support for maximum safe comfort. Made by hand by Julie. Read research about Covid-19 here.