Big friendly masks are designed to fit most faces comfortably and worry-free! Thank you, friends, for all your support! Over 400 sold and another 100 donated as of July 1, 2020!

After testing 8 popular mask patterns, I customized the generic "deaconess" surgical-style pattern

Key features:

* 4 layers of quilter's cotton - tight weave fabric to better filter

* large chin to nose: expands to wrap over nose and under chin

* metal nose support: soft, pliable, durable metal wire lets you customize the shape around your nose to prevent gaps & fog

* wide side to side: wider cut brings fabric closer to ears

* fun fabric: variety is the spice of life and folks looking to share personality are in luck

* filter pocket: wide and deep filter pocket to accommodate the filter you feel safest using

* stretchy ties: soft tee-shirt like material long enough to wrap fully around your head is adjustable with enough stretch to pull off instead of untie if you choose

* no ear fatigue: with full-head ties you don't have to feel your ears pulling the wrong direction

* large size: I can't say it enough! I specifically make large masks so you can go to work, run errands, walk the dog, play with the kids, whatever it is you need to do, without worrying that the mask will gap or slip when you talk, smile, chase, or really anything.

I began making masks for donation purposes, and then decided I ought to make some for my own use in my massage business. Through testing with a few people, including myself, I realized most mask patterns didn't provide a guaranteed fit. They'd slip out of place. Or droop down. Or cause ear fatigue. Or didn't seem thick enough. Or had stitching running through the center - right where you need the most protection!

I decided for my own safety I needed to make large no-brainer masks - since the activity of massage meant I'd be making all sorts of physical movements and my hands wouldn't be able to make any mask adjustments once a session started. After a lot of trial and error (oh boy were the errors bad!!) I settled on this larger sized standard mask. Next thing I knew, friends wanted masks. And then a friend loaned me a sturdy sewing machine. And then before I even realized it, I was sort of in the business of making masks.

Since my massage business was closed, initially mask making was all about getting enough cash to make more masks to donate to folks in need. But as medical studies rolled out one after another about the complications of the virus, it became clear that I wouldn't be rushing back to work any time soon. So making masks became the means to paying business expenses (rent, any fees I couldn't cancel), that continued to accrue despite a pandemic.

Which is why I say I can't thank you enough for considering buying a mask. I'm sure there are thousands of cheaper masks you could opt to purchase. My promise is to always maintain top quality materials, take care in hand making each mask so it is durable and long-lasting, and to continue donating masks when opportunity arises.

If you or someone you know are in need of masks and cannot afford, please drop me a line so I can connect you with discount or free supply. 🙂 we're all in this together 🙂

Big Friendly masks. Big friendly masks provide safe support and comfort. 4-layer cotton masks with filter pocket and metal nose support for maximum safe comfort. Made by hand by Julie. Read research about Covid-19 here.