Please see PDX Mutual Aid linktree for resources and ways you can help others: This includes a spreadsheet compiling local resources such as drop-in centers, food banks, and more.

Caring Portland Massage is proactive in preventing spread of COVID-19 and seeks to honor the need for caution regarding this virus. Because massage therapists observe “universal precautions” to avoid transmission of diseases, the past few weeks I have collected information from government agencies and a wide array of news sources to ensure additional and appropriate precautions are added to Caring Portland Massage’s practice post-C19.

The option to book massage is closed until we are given the all-clear from Governor Brown as well as our City & National leaders.

Please buy a gift certificate to be used at your next session:

Massage is an excellent way to boost your immune system, receive caring human interaction, and regulate stress during this challenging time. Please consider Caring Portland Massage and the Awakenings Wellness Center a safe space to receive the care you need.

If you are ill, please cancel your appointment & seek medical care.

The following actions will continue at Caring Portland Massage to ensure your session is clean and safe:

. Cleaning will be thorough and diligent; including door handles, writing implements, and hard surfaces. Linens, tools, bottles, hands, work surfaces will per standard practice be kept clean.

. Awakenings Wellness Center has developed an in-house policy of cleanliness that includes a schedule of thoroughly sanitizing handles, knobs, keypads, furnishings – anything that a person may come into contact with will be sanitized. Our landlord has procured additional cleaning agents (wipes, soaps, bleach, sanitizer, sprays) to support this consistent cleaning.

. I will meet you at the side entry to open the door for you. You are welcome to wash your hands upon entering. A clean towel will be out for you to open the treatment room door at end of session. Feel free to wash your hands after your session & I can open the exit door so your hands stay clean. As always, hand sanitizer is available in the office.

. I will wear a clean apron for each session to help reduce potential transmission.

. As is standard practice, linens are changed out for each client – hand washing and table washing occurs between the sets of linen.

. The practice table is covered with a washable surface that is sanitized before fresh linens are put out.

. CDC approved cleaning products are used for the recommended time allotments for maximum effectiveness.

There are many great resources available regarding COVID-19. World Health Organization publishes findings, and keeps updated global information. Oregon Health Authority has graphics and information in multiple languages. And several folks have made videos and graphics to demonstrate proper hand washing.

Please take care and I hope to see you soon.

Once we are approved to resume business, appointment will be available via SQUARE

Gift certificates are available – redeemable later for yourself, or gift to others.

Donations to keep the lights on and offer discounted or free treatments to others are accepted through this link